Drake Talks About Kobe Bryant Lyrics

Over a year ago, on Rick Ross’ popular single “Stay Schemin’,” Canadian hip-hop star Drake seemingly dissed Kobe Bryant’s wife. Since that time, there have been indirect apologiescomparisons, and plenty of talk about the situation. And now, in an exclusive interview in the September issue of XXL Magazine, Drake addresses the now-resolved situation head on:

XXL: It seems Kobe reconsidered his divorce after your line.

Drake: Which one?

XXL: “Kobe about to lose 150 Ms”…

Drake: Oh God. That was tough too, man. I never meant that for that to be malicious.

XXL: It wasn’t malicious. 

Drake: It wasn’t at all. I think given the issues that were happening at the time, I think it just sort of caused maybe some internal family things or whatever.

XXL: Did you hear that from anyone?

Drake: I caught wind that she was unhappy about the line, or whatever. I never meant to. It’s just rap. Sometimes you don’t realize how big your voice is. Still, I guess it’s weird to me, man. I’m just a kid from Toronto. I’m rapping a line. It’s like, ‘Kobe Bryant’s wife is not going to hear this and care about it,’ and then it’s like, oyyy.

The Drake-covered issue of XXL, which features a robust Q+A with the rising star, hits newsstands on August 20.