Draymond ‘100 Percent’ Thought Warriors Would Trade Him

by May 24, 2018
draymond trade

While Draymond Green and Steve Kerr have a very close relationship, it wasn’t always that way.

Frustrations between Green and Kerr came to a head on February 27, 2016, when Green went on—in the famous words of ESPN’s Lisa Salters—”a profanity laced tirade” during halftime in OKC.

After the game, Green left the arena feeling like his relationship with Kerr was beyond repair.

In a story by Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck, Green revealed that he “100 percent” felt that the Warriors would trade him.

[Green] left the arena that day believing his days as a Warrior were numbered. He feared the relationship had been fractured, that the Warriors would choose Kerr over him. That he’d be traded.

“One hundred percent,” Green tells B/R. “Especially with the success that he was having as a coach. Like, you just don’t get rid of that.” […]

In his lowest moments, Green expressed his fears of being traded to both his mother and Izzo. “We all thought Dray would have been traded” after the Oklahoma incident, Babers-Green says.

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