Draymond Green Apologized to Team USA for Arrest

by July 19, 2016

Draymond Green says he can’t allow his behavior to become a distraction for Team USA as it prepares to head to Rio to compete for an Olympic Gold Medal.

Green apologized for his arrest last week, and says he’ll let the legal process play out.

Green says he’s learned from recent dust-ups and vows to avoid repeating his mistakes.

Per the Detroit Free Press:

Green addressed the issue with Team USA brass. Head coach Mike Krzyzewski and USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said Green apologized during a team meeting on Sunday.


“Everybody’s concerned,” Green said. “At the end of the day, as a public figure and as a guy who’s representing this country, I said it’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than anybody on this team.” […] Green added: “My attorneys are handling everything, and leave it in their hands. I got an opportunity to compete for a gold medal. You don’t let any type of distraction get in the way of that. This is not about me. It’s about anyone on this team. It’s about going out and defending our country the right way. Everything else is kind of secondary to that.”


Green was asked to respond to fans who think he is in need of anger management training. […] “That’s their own personal opinion,” Green said. “If you’re going to judge somebody off what you see on the basketball court, then that’s just your business. All you can do in life is learn and move on and don’t make the same mistakes twice.”