Draymond Green: Charles Barkley ‘Should Stop Before I Take His Job’

Draymond Green escalated his long-running feud with Charles Barkley, criticizing the Hall of Famer’s basketball career and television work.

Green lashed out after being asked about Sir Charles claiming the fiery forward was ejected less than 10 minutes into his most recent appearance against the Lakers because he doesn’t want to play for a such a sorry Warriors squad.

Draymond says Barkley’s lack of championship rings disqualifies him from discussing hoops with the three-time NBA All-Star.

Per The Mercury News:

“Barkley should stop before I go take his job, though, because I can do that well, too,” Green said after practice on Friday. “He didn’t make enough money playing so he needs that job. He should stop talking to me. I have a tendency to end people, so he should stop before I take his job.”

Green had two points, one rebound and four assists when he was ejected for arguing a foul call with officials.

“He had his normal triple-single,” Barkley said during halftime of TNT’s Feb. 27 broadcast. “Why doesn’t he talk all the stuff when he’s got those other boys with him? No, man. He talks all that stuff when he’s got those other boys with him. Now he’s out there and got to fight for himself and he just doesn’t want to play.”

Green — who has missed the last four games with left knee soreness and participated in his first practice in a week — used his first media availability since being called out to take aim at Barkley, who made 11 All-Star appearances in his 16-year career, but failed to ever win an NBA Championship during his time with Phoenix, Philadelphia and Houston.

“If he keeps talking, I’ll take (his job) soon — sooner than he thinks,” Green said. “He probably should keep quiet. He also can’t talk basketball with me, either. Not smart enough, not qualified. No rings, can’t sit at this table.”

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