Draymond Green Grateful LeBron James Went to Miami in 2010

According to Draymond Green, LeBron James “opened up a new door” for NBA players via “The Decision” back in 2010.

Green is grateful that James showed players that they could truly take control of their careers through free agency, when he infamously joined the Miami Heat.

Draymond believes LeBron “gave guys a voice.”

“He opened up a new door for guys. He gave guys a voice, you know? Willing to use that voice, and I’m not even sure at that time he knew what he was doing,” Green said.


“You know, because there was so much backlash with it and all the other things, but it really opened up new doors for guys. Maybe he did know what he was doing, I don’t know. But he did something special for guys around the NBA, like you said, to take their career in y’all hands and go where you feel you want to go.”

(H/T: reddit)

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