Draymond Green: Pelicans More Impressive Than Rockets

Houston is riding a 17-game winning streak, but it’s the Pelicans’ 10 consecutive victories that Draymond Green is “most impressed with.”

Green argues that Anthony Davis has had to carry a bigger load in New Orleans than James Harden has for the Rockets.

Green says the MVP race has suddenly become a toss-up.

Per NBCS Bay Area:

“Houston has had a good one but I’m most impressed with New Orleans,” Draymond Green told reporters after shootaround on Thursday. “With some of the games they’ve won; with some of the numbers that AD (Anthony Davis) has put up has been incredible.

“And then doing that without DeMarcus. I think there was kind of a consensus around the world that once DeMarcus (Cousins) went out, that they’d struggle. Yet, AD has put them boys on his back and they’re on a 10-game wining streak … that’s impressive.”

Harden finished (as the MVP) runner-up in 2015 and 2017.

“Both of those years, he lost to historic seasons — Steph (Curry) was just off the charts, and then (Russell Westbrook) had 50 triple-doubles last year,” Draymond told reporters. “You knew it wouldn’t be long before he actually does pull through and win one. And then I know if you’re him, you’re sitting there like, ‘Man, now here comes AD.’ … he’s put himself in the best position he possibly can that’s for sure.”