Draymond Green: Rockets ‘Built to Be Us’

by March 01, 2018

Draymond Green says Houston has been built in the Warriors’ image, but the All-Star forward still likes Golden State’s chances should the NBA’s top two squads meet in the Playoffs.

Green concedes, however, that the Rockets are a real threat to the defending champs.

Draymond says it’s too early to think about postseason matchups.

Per SI:

“Maybe we do end up playing the Rockets, and, you know, I like our chances no matter who we play,” Green said. “But we do know that they’re a threat. They’ve added some great pieces and as it’s been highly publicized, that team is built to be us.

“Noted. Great. We’ll see y’all soon.”

Green did make it clear that there is no guarantee that the two teams will meet in a playoff series.

“There are so many good teams that we’ll have to take down to even get to that point. And the Rockets as well.”