Draymond Green: ‘Thank God I Got Suspended’

Draymond Green made light of his one-game suspension for cursing out teammate Kevin Durant, saying it gave him a chance to recover from a toe sprain:

“It’s OK. It isn’t great,” Green said of his toe injury. “But I just don’t like sitting out so if I can play, I’m going to play. They have talked to me about a minute restriction, it makes sense. After playing 42 minutes against the Clippers, it was pretty sore that next day. Thank God I got suspended. Really sore. I sat there and iced the whole day, did some treatment at home. Everything happens for a reason.”


“No, but it was pretty sore after that,” Green said. “After such a heavy minute load. So I’ve talked to the training staff, I’ve talked to Steve and that’s obviously game 16 or whatever it is. That’s the smartest thing to do right now. Obviously if I can push through it, I’ll push through it through that game, but it’s just not the time to push through it. I do want to play and I do want to be out there with my teammates and I do want to try to find my rhythm. I just really don’t want to sit out. So that’s the next best option for now. We’ll see how it goes.”

Durant, meanwhile, has little patience for anymore questions about the incident.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said his team is “banged up spiritually” following Thursday night’s 107-86 blowout in Houston, Golden State’s third loss in five games.

Per the San Fran Chronicle:

“Right now, we’re banged up spiritually,” Golden State head coach Steve Kerr said. “I mean, there’s no getting around that. We’ve got to fill up our cup, get our spirit back, get our energy back, and we’re going to. It’s a long, long season.”

Kerr, who addressed his club about the Green-Durant dynamic before shootaround, conceded that his players were “pretty quiet.” Durant appeared unusually sullen. After hardly saying a word to anyone during his post-shootaround routine, he took a courtside seat, put up his hoodie and thumbed through his iPhone.

“We’re not panicking or thinking, ‘Oh man, we’re not a great team,’” Green said. “We’re still the best team in the league. We’re going to win more games, a bunch of games, go win another championship and we’ll be fine.”

Draymond Green: Warriors Won’t ‘Crumble Off Of An Argument’