Draymond Green: ‘We’re Born for These Moments’

The Golden State Warriors, currently facing a 3-2 deficit to the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals, are “just different,” according to Draymond Green.

“We’re born for these moments,” says Green.

Draymond, who came to life in following the All-Star break after shedding 25 pounds, adds that he has “proved people wrong my entire career.”

Per The Athletic:

“I’ve proved people wrong my entire career,” Green told The Athletic. “So this year, people saying I’m done. Draymond’s done. They’ve been saying I’m done since 2012 when I stepped in the league. They didn’t give me a fighter’s chance. They didn’t give me a fucking shot. They’ve been wrong a lot. They’re wrong yet again. I like when we win championships, because then that’s all they can say.

“That’s all people can say.”

You guys are all molded by that, right?

“We’re different. We’re just different. But we have gotten accustomed to it and guys have become prepared for these moments. We’re born for these moments.”

For you, personally, there was a lot of evaluation about your game — your jumper, your conditioning — throughout the season. What’s your response to it?

“A lot of people talk shit, but there are a lot of guys in this league who take this regular season stuff to the head. Some of those guys end up at home on April 9th or April 10th or whatever it is. Some of them end up at home on May 1st. It is what it is. We keep playing. People can talk shit, people can say whatever they want to say, but they haven’t really stopped it yet.”

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