Dwight Howard Says He Makes Shaquille O’Neal Feel Insecure

by September 28, 2018

According to Dwight Howard, insecurity is what animates Shaquille O’Neal‘s years-long hostility towards him.

Howard figures that O’Neal dislikes sharing the “Superman” nickname with him.

Dwight also believes that Shaq’s insecurity may be driven by their difference in age.

Per NBC Sports Washington:

“[Shaq] said something online about the whole rings situation. He got rings, I’m not in his league and all that stuff. But if that’s your only way to come back at all players, then you really don’t have too much to say.”

Howard has his own theory about why Shaq might not like him: insecurity.

“I think it’s a little insecurity on his part because people call him ‘Superman’ and they call me ‘Superman.’ But if I’m an older guy and it’s younger players that are being compared to me and they have that same nickname, I want to feel good about it.

“I just think it comes off to me as a little bit insecure when you’re taking shots at somebody that’s 10, 12 years younger than you.”

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