Dwight Howard’s Preferred 1st Round Foe: Detroit

by March 30, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s only natural (and fitting), I suppose, to want to beat the team that’s given you so many problems in years past.

Dwight Howard knows who he wants to face, and beat, in the postseason this season. Detroit Pistons, come on down!

From ESPN:

Howard doesn’t want to see Chicago, Philadelphia or Miami in the first round of the playoffs. He wants Detroit, which has won eight of nine games in eliminating the Magic from the playoffs the past two years.

“Hopefully, we play Detroit again,” Howard said earlier this week. “That’ll be good for us because we have to get over that mental hump. Those guys have beaten us two years in a row and they’ve left a bad taste in our mouths. So hopefully this year, it’ll be different.”

Dwight and the second-seeded Magic might get their wish, too, as the Pistons moved back into seventh place last night following a home win against the Sixers.

A year or two ago, Howard would’ve never uttered such a bold statement, but with an 18-game gap in victories between Orlando and Detroit this season, it appears safe to say that the Magic’s Playoff demons are about to exorcised.