Dwyane Wade Asked LeBron James to Be in the Dunk Contest

by February 01, 2013

by Marcel Mutoni / @ marcel_mutoni

For All-Star Saturday, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade have been named captains of their respective conferences (whatever that means.)

Perhaps feeling emboldened in his new role, Wade is putting pressure on teammate LeBron James to take part in this year’s Dunk Contest. LBJ has made it clear that he will never sign up for the air show — claiming to be too old — and Wade’s pleas apparently weren’t enough to change his mind.

After getting turned down for the Dunk Contest, D-Wade tried to talk LeBron into participating in the 3-point shootout. No dice. Well, maybe.

From ESPN:

Wade, who has input on whom the NBA selects to take part in the popular events, tried to get James to re-consider his long-standing policy of saying no to the slam dunk contest, which will take place Feb. 16. “I tried to convince LeBron,” Wade said Friday before the Heat took on the Indiana Pacers. “On the dunk contest?” James said when Wade asked him. “Oh no, that’s out.” … “I told him I’d throw him a lob and we’ll win,” Wade said. “He turned me down; I think he got nervous.”

Wade also tried to get James to consider taking part in the 3-point shootout for the first time. James is shooting a career-high 40 percent from 3-point range this season. “I went 0-for-2,” Wade said. “He said he didn’t want to shoot.”

According to the report, LeBron James said he hasn’t completely ruled out the three-point contest.

Good job, good effort Dwyane Wade.