Eddie Jordan Sees Double Standards

by April 24, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

In the first two games of the combative Wizards/Cavs series, the hard fouls have been given out in nearly equal doses on both sides of the ball, it’s only that Washington is getting the brunt of the criticism since they’re fouling a guy that’s arguably the League’s biggest star.

As the series shifts to DC, coach Jordan and his troops would like to see a little more fairness.

“Well, if they are like the fouls they gave on us, you have to at least act like you are going for the ball and you can throw your body at anybody the way you like,” Jordan said yesterday. “Just watching the fouls they gave on us, it was, you know, pretend you are going for the ball and throw your body at the guy. So that’s a good technique.”

“If that’s Delonte West I fouled like that, do they throw me out of the game?” Haywood asked. “Probably not.”

Though Haywood does make a decent point – he probably doesn’t get kicked out of the game if that’s Delonte West he shoves, and no one makes a fuss – the fact remains that Washington has been whistled for 12 more fouls in the two games than Cleveland.

Sticking up for you guys is all fine and well (and expected); coming up with a game plan that involves more than being “physical” with LBJ should probably be a bigger concern at this point.