Eddy Curry’s Surreally Bad Year Continues

by January 26, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Eddy Curry, you could say, isn’t exactly having the greatest time of late.

His basketball career is in shambles, he’s facing sexual harassment charges from his ex driver, and now his former girlfriend was found slain in Chicago (along with her infant daughter) over the weekend.

As if things weren’t bad enough, it appears as though Curry’s three-year old son witnessed his mother and sister’s deaths. The NY Daily News has the grizzly details:

“The [boy] was found in a pool of blood,” one of Curry’s close friends told the Daily News. “That really upset him. He was really upset that his son had to see that.”

Little Noah was found by a relative Saturday night unharmed, the pal said. Family members said he was walking around in Nova Henry’s blood, leaving footprints all over their Chicago home.

According to police, the killer is a “known acquaintance” of Nova’s.

For what it’s worth, Curry isn’t considered a suspect in the murder.