End of the Greg Oden Era in Portland?

by November 18, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Long before last night’s devastating news, there were already clear signs that Greg Oden‘s future in Portland was less than assured.

During the emotional press conference, one couldn’t help but feel as though Blazers officials (despite their desperate, but ultimately failed attempts at optimism) were basically saying goodbye to the former #1 pick.

Oden, 22, is set to face his third season-ending surgery, and once his rehab concludes, the Blazers will need to make a difficult decision regarding his future. Some in the local media are pushing for the team to cut ties with him.

From the Oregonian:

I’m not sure that a Paul Allen-owned team will ever win a championship. But I’m convinced that what needs to be done here is obvious. Enough sitting around, waiting for Brandon Roy to be healthy and for Oden to make a miracle recovery.

It’s time to battle, not on the court, but in the front office via trade and free agency, where the Blazers have been a non-factor. It’s Cho-time. And it’s high time Allen proved that he’s willing to do what he needs to do to make the organization whole again. This Oden thing is done. Close the door. But I’m hopeful the Blazers know what needs to be done next.

It’s not a fun time to be a Blazers fan.

Greg Oden’s basketball career is at its crossroads, with no readily available answers or solutions to be found.