Enes Kanter Continues To Try To Recruit LeBron James To New York 😂

by June 07, 2018

On Wednesday night, as the Cavaliers fell down 3-0 to the Warriors in the NBA Finals, center Enes Kanter continued his futile attempt to recruit LeBron James to the Knicks, using a tweet sent out by The King in 2013.

This is not the first time Kanter has tried to convince LeBron to play for the Knicks. Exactly one month ago, he posted a video on Twitter challenging James to prove that he is, in fact, the King of New York, something the three-time champ claimed to be true after a mid-November win at MSG.

The Knicks don’t have cap space this upcoming summer nor has James expressed the slightest of interest in donning the orange and blue when he becomes a free agent on July 1, but Kanter still gets credit for his effort.

Enes Kanter Challenges LeBron James to Join the Knicks