Enes Kanter Could Play in China During NBA Lockout

by August 01, 2011

According to the rookie big fella’s agent, China is a very real employment possibility for Enes Kanter should the NBA lockout result in the cancellation of games. From the Salt Lake Tribune: “Jazz rookie center Enes Kanter is considering playing professional ball in China next season if the NBA lockout persists. Kanter’s agent, Max Ergul, told The Salt Lake Tribune on Friday that his client has official offers from two Chinese teams. Ergul does not want Kanter to miss another year of basketball, and he will seriously weigh the offers if the lockout stretches into late September. ‘It’s very interesting stuff,’ said Ergul, who said he could not reveal the names of the clubs because details of the negotiations are still confidential. ‘We’ll be entertaining those ideas as well as the lockout progresses. He’s a ballplayer — he has to play.’ Kanter will compete for Turkey during the 2011 EuroBasket tournament, which is scheduled from Aug. 31 to Sept. 18 in Lithuania. He is expected to be scouted by the Chinese teams that have made the offers during the tournament.”