Eric Bledsoe Says Kentucky Would ‘Definitely’ Beat the Sixers

by November 19, 2014

Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe would bet on his old school, if for whatever reason, the Philadelphia Sixers ever had to play a seven-game Playoff series against the Kentucky Wildcats.

The 0-10 Sixers are the NBA’s only winless team, but no one seriously thinks a bunch of college kids (no matter how talented) could beat them.

Well, Bledsoe claims to.

Per (via Sirius XM):

“I’m definitely taking Kentucky,” Bledsoe said when asked who would win in a seven-game series between the two teams. “I think Philly would get probably, maybe one game.”


Bledsoe acknowledged that the Philadelphia faithful likely wouldn’t be happy with his opinion.


“I know [the Sixers fans] are going be mad, but I love my Wildcats.”