Eric Gordon Wants Clippers to Play in a Different City

by March 01, 2011

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

They may not make the Playoffs, but it has been a truly fantastic season for the Los Angeles Clippers. Led by the NBA’s most exciting young star, Blake Griffin, the Clip Show has become one of the darlings of the League in terms of watchability.

All of that being said, Los Angeles will always belong to the Lakers. Everyone knows this, including the Clippers themselves.

According to Eric Gordon, relocation wouldn’t be a bad idea for LA’s “other” NBA team.

From the Times:

The Clippers were being asked about the prospect of the Kings moving to Anaheim and what it would mean to an already crowded Southern California market. They noted that Sacramento used to be a difficult venue for opposing teams. Talk turned to one of the Clippers’ old homes: San Diego. “I wouldn’t mind going down there — to separate ourselves from L.A. from the Lakers,” Eric Gordon said. “But it’s always good to compete with them.”

… Gordon was told the Clippers nearly ended up in Anaheim, instead of going to Staples Center. Gordon said he wouldn’t mind Anaheim either and one reporter teased him about favoring other cities in Southern California.

“I like L.A.,” Gordon said. “I don’t have any complaints. But you see all L.A. everywhere, Lakers stuff everywhere… [you would] have your own identity within the city and your team. That’s just a lot better.”

Clippers owner Donald Sterling would of course never move the team from LA; he makes far too much money in that market to even consider the idea.

Eric Gordon and his teammates will forever live in the shadown of their glitzy neighbors. Moving will not help them forge an identiy. Smart team-building and, ultimately, winning will take care of that.