EuroFiles: Carlos Arroyo Bolts

by August 04, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

This summer, it seems as though every underpaid (in their minds at least) mediocre-to-decent NBA player has seriously thought about, or outright bolted for the greener pastures of Europe. Carlos Arroyo is the latest to defect.

Goodbye Orlando, hello Maccabi Tel-Aviv!

The story was broken by Marc Stein of a certain four-letter media company, and he’s got the details:

Sources in Israel said Arroyo will receive an estimated $2.5 million net next season — roughly the equivalent of a $5 million NBA salary after taxes — as part of a three-year contract. The deal includes an opt-out provision that will enable Arroyo to return to the NBA after each of the next two seasons if he chooses.

Sources in Israel?! Damn, that’s what I call being plugged in.

The deal, according to Arroyo’s new coach, is the richest in club history, and like Josh Childress with his new Greek ballclub, Carlos and his agent seem to have negotiated themselves a nice little out-clause should they want to take another crack at the NBA.

Arroyo, who averaged 6.9 ppg and 3.5ppg last season for the Magic, is joining a team that has won the Euroleague championship five times since the late ’70s. Even more importantly, he’ll be making a lot more than any NBA team would be willing to pay for Jameer Nelson’s 29 year-old backup.

The next round of CBA talks are going to be fun, yeah?