Europe Continues to Siphon Talent from the NBA

by Marcel Mutoni

When David Stern announced that the League was looking to expand into Europe within a decade’s time, nearly everyone freaked out at the thought of transcontinental flights and competition against what was then deemed “weaker” competition.

If things continue to go the way they’ve been going of late, half the NBA will already be in various European cities by the time the Stern and his people bring their basketballs across the Atlantic.

It began slowly this summer, first with Juan Carlos Navaro wisely choosing beautiful Spain over Memphis, and shortly thereafter, the floodgates opened.

Brandon Jennings shocked the world by choosing Europe over the NCAA; Carlos Delfino is headed back to Europe; Primoz Brezec (who is my favorite person in the whole League) is also taking a Eurotrip; and now, even Josh Childress is reportedly listening to Europe’s sweet siren song.

Pretty soon, folks, the term “World Champion” is actually going to mean something.

(Thanks to the great DBB for the Brezec link.)