Every Sneaker In The NBA!

by March 11, 2011

by Eldon Khorshidi / @eldonadam

More than a year ago, SLAM and CounterKicks began outlining a new project: we were going to create the most official NBA footwear database on the internet. A few outlets have created shoe charts in the past, but none ever mastered it to an exact science with official listings and authentic information. From inception, we made sure that every ounce of data was verified and accounted for, and obtained from the most legitimate of sources—the NBA itself.

The Process: SLAM connected with the media relations department of all 30 NBA teams, in pursuit of shoe brand, model, and size for every player in the League. Several teams responded in a timely manner and sent over the info within a few days. But obtaining the information from other teams was a grueling process, mostly because equipment managers were running around and bombarded with non-stop travel. We received some lists via e-mail, some via telephone, and some in person through direct interaction with the players.

Due to both human error and the ever-changing landscape of the NBA, we probably misspelled some shoe models and possibly omitted some players who either changed teams or left the league over the course of the past few months. So please work with us while we continue to filter through this massive database and iron out the kinks.

The Result: An all-natural, no-artificial ingredients-added NBA sneaker database. Each shoe is indexed to various CounterKicks posts that include extensive news and dope game photos. If you’re a hoop fiend or a sneaker junkie, this has everything you need. Enjoy.

SLAM/CounterKicks Official NBA Footwear Database