Feel The Earth, Quake…

by Lang Whitaker

During today’s Lithuania/Turkey game at the World Basketball Championships, an earthquake registering 4.8 on the richter scale hit Tokyo. The World Championships were underway 17 miles north of Tokyo, and the arena there took a hit, shaking and rattling, perhaps not rolling.

According to the AP story…

“The teams had just left the court at halftime of the classification game when the building shook for a few seconds. No announcement was made and the second half started without a delay.”

Now that’s dedication. Because you know if the same thing had happened here in the States they would’ve immediately canceled the game and sent everyone home. The US players, staying at the Four Seasons hotel, said they felt “something” but didn’t know what it was.
According to Wikipedia, earthquakes of a 4.8 magnitude aren’t very strong — they’re officially rated as “light” — and there are 6,000 of them each year. So they’re about the same intensity as Oliver Miller or Jerome James falling down. That list also notes that there are 50,000 minor quakes each year, so there’s obviously a whole lotta shakin’ going on out there. But I’ve never been in one (knock on wood).
Just out of curiousity, anyone out there ever experienced an earthquake?