FIBA Wants to Add 3-on-3 Basketball in the 2016 Olympics

If FIBA gets its way, we could be seeing 3-on-3 basketball at the next Olympic Games. It’s one of the proposals the hoops governing body intends to present to the International Olympic Committee: “FIBA will request the IOC to make the following two changes for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Add four teams to the Men’s Olympic Basketball Tournament for a total of 16 teams to be played in two arenas. This is suggested in order to make the Olympic Basketball Tournament more competitive and shorter to reduce the pressure on players. Integrate 3×3 Basketball as a second discipline. With regards to 3×3, the Central Board looked back at the first full season of FIBA’s programme – with the inaugural World Tour as well as the first-ever World Championships for Men and Women, and the second U18 World Championships – and deemed it to have been a great success. It also approved the qualification system for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games to be played in Nanjing, China.”