Finals Quoteboard – Wednesday Practice

glen davis 6-9

by Ben Collins

“It had nothing to do with shoving the biscuit down the baby’s throat, so to speak. I … I can’t believe I just said that.” — Kevin Garnett on finishing around the basket and the trick to feeding baby birds.

“Holy sh–, did you see that? If the big three all came out together, how would that go?” — Nate Robinson, on 20-some reporters running full speed, cross-court, faster than Nate himself (maybe) or Derek Fisher (definitely) to get to Ray Allen’s day-after comments.

“I’ve never been a flopper. I’ve never had to.” — Ray Allen on matador defense.

“I don’t know why Fish isn’t an All-Star.” — Ron Artest.

“Do you want someone fast? Or do you want someone who comes through in the fourth?” — Ron Artest on how valuable Derek Fisher is to his team. It reads like an overly simplistic jab at Rondo. It didn’t sound that way. But feel free to read into it as you will.

“Every move that somebody has in the NBA, I’ve seen it already in New York.” — Ron Artest.

“I’m not saying that (I frustrate Pierce). His stats say that.” — Ron Artest on if Paul Pierce seems frustrated.

“Both teams are pissed off.” — Ron Artest, on officiating.

“Um, huh!?” — Ron Artest, when asked what he’ll say to Barack Obama if his team wins the championship.

“Last year — I was in a contract year (with the Rockets) — I should’ve been asking coach, ‘Can I start for Shane Battier?’ But I had to learn team basketball.” – Artest.

“He’s probably good at football, baseball, hockey, tennis. And he could probably cook, but he’d probably rather eat something.” — Artest, in good fun, I swear.

“I’m free as a bird.” — Marquis Daniels, talking about how long his contract is. He also expressed how happy he is to be in an NBA Finals, though, and how he’s just waiting for his number to be called. It’s not discontent.

“(I learned) that the refs … are some special people. They’re one of a kind, man. It’s hard to be them. I wouldn’t want to be them at all. Because the decisions I have to make in a split second. ‘Do you think it’s out. I don’t know. I think it’s out. Could be in. So they decide to (go to) replay. The refs have to take it from everybody.” — Glen Davis, on what he learned from reviewing the game tape last night.

“Uh, because I’m a cool guy?” — Glen Davis, when asked how he “pulled off” getting a pizza named after him.