First the Franchise; Now the Mascot, Too?

by Marcel Mutoni

Clay Bennett and his business partners, in one fell swoop, snatched up a franchise that had been a Seattle mainstay for four decades. They’re taking the team with them back to Oklahoma City; and along with the players, coaches, jerseys, and basketballs, there’s also this always hard-to-define “legacy” thing they threw in the deal.

Well, it appears as though some in OKC want to get their hands on the Sonics’ famous mascot, Squatch.

Y’know, because Bennett and company apparently didn’t do a good enough job in breaking the hearts of all the hoops fans in Seattle. From NewsOK:

As if Seattle wasn’t mad enough, I say we box up “Squatch” and ship him and his costume to Oklahoma City with the rest of the team gear.

Squatch is short for Sasquatch, and he’s one of the league’s premier mascots. He’s Gorilla good, Coyote good, Super Hugo good. And he’s all ours.

According to my “sources”, next week the OKC Thunder will announce that they’re putting in a bid to buy Seattle’s rain and the Space Needle, too.

***Yes, it is a slow news day (with apologies to Josh Childress), thanks for asking. Painfully so. And the season is STILL over three months away from starting. Gah