Five Covers, One Wallpaper

by October 17, 2008

You won’t often find all five SLAM 123 covers in one place, so we brought them together for you…in the digital realm, at least. Quite simply, we’ve made one wallpaper with all five campaign-inspired covers, in two resolutions.

As far as resolutions go, we know there are almost too many these days. And surely two sizes don’t fit all. However, the resolutions should fit essentially any widescreen and standard screen monitor. And, of course, we made ‘em huge because — let’s face it — screens aren’t getting smaller. Please, no requests for other resolutions. Chances are one will come close to fitting your monitor…unless you use a 52-inch LCD.

We have plenty more walls to come, including individual walls featuring each player’s cover illustration. But for now, enjoy this Stephen Goggi masterpiece(s).

1600×1200 pixels (4:3 ratio, high-resolution, standard screen)
1680×1050 pixels (8:5 ratio, high-resolution, wide screen)