Flip Saunders Facing Annual Job-Security Questions

by March 31, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

He has been in Detroit for three seasons now, and every year it’s the same thing: How long can he hang on to the job? It’s a strange question considering the fact that the guy has had a pretty decent run in Motown.

There are national rumblings that Flip Saunders is under a NBA Finals-or-else ultimatum this spring.

But that’s unlikely if Pistons president Joe Dumars still believes the veteran core of this team still has another season of serious championship contention within it regardless of these playoffs.

The issue with Flip and the Pistons, of course, is what happens once the regular season comes to an end. Saunders, as you know, has a history of coming up short during the postseason. And this year’s Playoffs are shaping up to be some of the most competitive in League history.

Every coach faces enormous pressure to win, especially in the postseason; it just seems that the glare is always a little harsher in Motown.