Former slamonline intern now megafamous ALERT!

by October 29, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Interesting weekend. Kevin Garnett had a triple double in preseason at home. Against a team with a certain player who used to be the one we thought would average a triple double someday. But we’ll have more from that game and from the Suns-Sonics game in Vancouver in a little while. First I have some cool news to report on my summer intern Jon Wiener.

You may have seen this crazy “The band is on the field”-esque play as the top highlight on Sportscenter. Well, the play by play man calling the whole thing – the first voice you hear if you watch the video – is none other than Jon Wiener, writer of the San Antonio Spurs season preview. He’s super famous now! Congrats Jon! What a crazy play. 20 years from now you’ll be on all of those “wildest football moments” specials talking about it. I was so inspired by it and your call, that I made my team try it on the football field yesterday in lieu of the hail mary when we needed to score to win on the last play. It failed miserably.

But enough about that, the season previews are wrapping up this week, and then believe it or not the NBA is back! Games that count! We still need to come up with a name for Holly’s recap column. She didn’t like Hollylejuah Hollyback.

Congrats to the Red Sox, the Patriots, KG, everyone else having something to do with the Boston area. We get it, you’re great and we’re terrible. You’re smart and we’re stupid. You’re good looking and we’re ugly. Also a hearty congratulations to Alex Rodriguez for being in such an amazing bargaining position that he could shred a contract guaranteeing $72 million in the future, because now he can make more than that. We have fun here with the KOBE love/hate (by the way that saga is not getting tiring at all), but I think this latest turn of events makes A-Rod more of a preposterously self-entitled person than Kobe, amazing talent and work ethic or not. I was wondering how the NYPost would cover it. Out-Rod? A-Hole? Pay-Rod? But once again the Post came through, exceeding expectations with a headline comparing the seriousness of this situation to a nuclear strike. Well done! A-Rod makes it black rain on these… Yankees.

And finally I leave you with a public service announcement. If you happen to be dressed like a pirate, it is not wise to fall asleep on the subway at 4 A.M. and wake up in Bed Stuy. Remember that.