Free Stuff: Adam Morrison Shirts

by Lang Whitaker

Before we get to the free stuff, a word of warning: For me this is what could be considered Hell Week. The next issue of SLAM is on deck, and we’re allegedly supposed to have everything finished and out to the printer by Friday. Will everything be finished and out to the printer by Friday? Unlikely. But it won’t be for a lack of trying. Point being, posts on The Links this week should be cherished, like wins by the Celtics. I’m telling you this now to head off any complaining. Seriously. Try me. I’ll turn this bus around.

Now, onto the stuff you really care about, the free stuff…

Our friends at adidas are dropping a line of limited-edition Adam Morrison shirts to celebrate his rookie season in the NBA. (And, presumably, to celebrate his general awesomeness.)

They’ve made 5 shirts, 500 prints of each. The shirts dropped nationally on March 1 and will be sold at, adidas Sport Performance stores in Spokane and Las Vegas, select Urban Outfitters and the NBA Store in New York City. The nationwide launch is March 1st and the tee’s retail for $25. And I’ve got one of each design to drop on you.

Instead of doing a straight caption contest, I thought we could be a little more creative. You’ll have 48 hours to come up with a good response — until noon on Wednesday — at which point I’m shutting off the comments and picking a winner, which will probably be the response that makes me laugh the most.

Getting to it…there’s a photo of Adam Morrison below (all credit to the terrific Jenn Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty Images). Take us inside Adam Morrison’s head. Let us know what he’s thinking, or maybe even what he isn’t thinking. I don’t want a photo caption, I want a paragraph that reveals the mind of Adam Morrison. We’re giving you a blank canvas. Make something beautiful out of it.

Have fun with this, and keep it relatively clean.

Winner gets the two shirts pictured above…have at it…