From Isiah to Billy?

by April 14, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Knicks fans were delighted when Donnie Walsh was tagged as the franchise’s latest savior. He was and is expected to restore order in the Garden, and more to the point, bring the team back towards respectability. Translation: Heads are expected to roll.

One of Walsh’s first hires could prove controversial (to say the least), as rumor has it that former Sixers GM Billy King is in talks with the Knicks.

According to an NBA executive who talked with Walsh this past week, the team’s new president has plans to begin interviewing [Billy] King and [Rick] Sund, and perhaps a third candidate, shortly after the season ends Wednesday.

Isiah has obviously got to go (or the very least, accept a greatly reduced role within the organization), but Billy King? Seriously?

King, who was universally recognized as being terrible at his job while in Philly, seems to have suddenly become employable again thanks to the somewhat shocking run towards the postseason by the Sixers.

So there you have it Knicks fans: Should Billy come into the fold, expect mediocrity for the next few years, before your team makes an ill-fated push towards the Playoffs. Exciting, no?