Game 2 is here…

By Ben Osborne

As Lang has documented, the good people of S.A. (and their cuisine) have helped make this a nice visit to South Texas, but considering we came here for basketball games, it’s nice that another actual game has actually jumped off. I spent the early part of today digging into the San Antonio Express-News, which is a solid paper that is obviously going Spur Crazy. Not only is there a separate, four-page section devoted to the series every day, but the lead story in today’s front section is devoted to the Spurs as well. And, in fact, it’s enlightening enough about the rabidity of the fans down here that those of you who may not have been here should probably read it.

Now I’m at the AT&T Center [this was supposed to be posted 30 minutes before tipoff, but the in-arena internet is bugging], with the aforementioned fans streaming in. At 6:10, 130 minutes before tipoff, Duncan is going hard, getting shots up and dripping with sweat.

At the other end of the court, Damon Jones—he of the “12 trillion” in Game 1—is out shooting like he was the other night. Maybe he’ll actually take one when the game starts.

Patrick Ewing, Mark Jackson and Ahmad Rashad stroll out to the court. Ahmad is wearing some absurd black-and-white shoes that can only be described as Sageresque. As for PE, who makes a beeline for Jeff Van Gundy, hopefully he is prepping for his hard-hitting interview with Russ in Cleveland.

By 6:15, Duncan is gone, back in the shadows.

Out in the hallway, Lang and I walk right past Eva Longoria, who is accompanied by Terrence Howard. I’ve said this before, but Eva simply does not warrant all the hype. Beautiful face, but she has no figure whatsoever. Maxim readers are nuts.

Hit the Spurs locker room, which is totally clean and has no clutter. Somehow this makes perfect sense. Manu doing a lengthy, bilingual interview session. Brent Barry cracking jokes. Guarantee he will be a better analyst than his brother Jon, whenever he retires.

In the Cavs locker room, I’m shocked to see LeBron patiently answering questions. Don’t think Mike or Kobe ever did that before a Finals game.

Back on the court, Shannon Brown and David Wesley are engaged in a spirited halfcourt shooting contest. Drew Gooden, meanwhile, is dodging their halfcourt missles and earnestly working on his post moves. Drew’s Air Max 25s may have “soft” stitched into them, but he’s working hard.

This just in: Bavetta’s doing the game! Maybe the Cavs can win this thing.
Feel free to post comments below throughout the game (I made my pick here), and then check back the minute it ends as Lang promises to have his post-game notes up with the quickness.