General Observations

And no, this isn’t going to be a column about Bobby Knight OR Sherman Douglas.

• After watching bits and pieces of a whole bunch of games, I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference caused by the dreaded new ball. Although now Jess Kersey can tell us all how it tastes.

• The new officiating rules are ridiculous. Either refs are gonna have to relax, or there are gonna be a record number of Ts handed out this year. Francisco Elson got one for taunting while yelling at no one in particular following a dunk. Hey David Stern, if you want a League full of emotionless cyborgs, clone Tim Duncan. Otherwise ease up. You’re just making everybody mad—and I’m not just talking about the players.

• Three stripes on the ref’s shirts = overkill. The League is adidas now, we get it. No need to brand everything.

• What’s the ruling on padding and sweatbands and all that? I’m watching Nuggets/Clippers right now, and Carmelo Anthony is covered up like a damn ninja.

• If I was a kid trick-or-treating in Cali, and I knocked on Chris Kaman’s door, I’d probably be so traumatized that I’d never leave my house again. You’re a good dude, Chris, but man, you are SCARY.

• Kobe for Jamal Crawford, David Lee and Channing Frye. That probably doesn’t work under the cap, huh?

• I’m pretty sure Corey Maggette keeps his hair and beard at that barely-there level by simply threatening it.

• Remember when most NBA players DIDN’T have tattoos?

• I think I’m beating a dead horse here, but man, do I not like Tim Thomas.

• Speaking about wraps and such, Cat Mobley had some sort of scratching posts around each elbow.

• Best shoes in the League this year? Rasheed Wallace, of course. Just like every year. Good to see that at least some things never change.