Get ready for the podcast

By Sam Rubenstein

One of my new responsibilites for the magazine is that I write the online teaser, which is just a little thing that tells you what to look out for over the next month on Our managing editor Susan Price just reminded me that I have not fulfilled all of my promises.

Things that I wrote that have been fulfilled so far:

Exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and the stories behind the stories. The Carmelo video and Lang’s post about the LeBron interview process count.

Game notes from NBA arenas around the country.
Contests and giveaways.

Blogs from the SLAM writers, including Mutoni’s Spot, Ben Collins on college hoops and Aggrey Sam on high school preps.

The People’s Champ and The Links.

And here are the two things that are in the unfulfilled promise category:

The SLAM staff’s midseason podcast. We should get to that sometime after lunch today.

SLAM’s midseason rankings and awards.

Okay… I had written most of my midseason awards and rankings, but I waited too long in between saves, and… well just so you know, I had some really funny stuff planned and now it’s gone forever. I actually blame faulty wiring more than anything else. Either way, I am very angry right now. Have you ever lost something that can’t be recovered? It’s very frustrating.
I wrote a whole thing about how I was going to make my midseason MVP choice a name that will generate much unecessary name calling and cursing amongst the commenters. I wrote this whole paragraph about how the MVP race has become more of a debate of what an MVP is instead of who deserves it and how if you feel the need to lob insults, try to come up with more creative words instead of just cursing. Those work better in person than with the written word. I guess you can save all of that for responses to the podcast.

So, by the end of the week we should have our midseason NBA podcast done. We will hit on the general topics like Phoenix vs. Dallas, is seccession a viable option for the Eastern Conference or at least the Atlantic, award picks, the big moments of the season, what to expect in Vegas, why Khalid has problems using a microwave oven, etc. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like us to discuss, feel free to let me know.

I have heard podcasts from other magazine staffs in the past that are really boring and nearly caused me to drive my car off the side of the road from sleepiness. I’m looking at you, Slate. We aim higher than that. Think of this as SLAM Radio without the music.