Gilbert Arenas: ‘I Steal Jokes…So What?’

by August 03, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

If you didn’t already love Gilbert Arenas before today, you should be ashamed of yourself. But not to worry, you will.

Check out his response to the mild criticism he’s received over the last few days because of the ‘shark attack’ joke he stole from comedian Ian Edwards:

Yeah, you’ve all been talking about it. I used someone else’s joke. What’s the big deal? I thought it was funny, I blogged it, you all laughed.

Mission accomplished.

Listen, nobody even heard of Ian Edwards before me. He’s no Chris Rock. I helped him become famous. Now everybody is going to YouTube and looking him up.

The joke was worth about $7 when I heard it, now that I’ve used it’s probably worth a little bit more. I’ll sell it back to him for $7.78. Seventy-eight cents, Ian, you can put that in a royalties check made out to me.

The man is a genius, I tells ya.

After successfully playing off the joke theft, Agent Zero had a message for Pardon The Interruption’s Patrick McEnroe:

I mean they were even talking about it on PTI. Patrick McEnroe was saying I should quit making jokes about sharks and worry about rehabbing. Patrick, you’re right, I should be focusing on my knee. I guess taking 15 minutes to tell a joke doesn’t leave 23 hours and 45 minutes the rest of the day to be working on my knee.

Mess with the bull and you get the horns, Patrick.