Gilbert Arenas Out Until December

by September 17, 2008

by Ryne Nelson

Remember Gilbert Arenas? You know, that three-time All-Star who managed to play a total of 13 games last season because of a torn left meniscus?

Well, Arenas has apparently gone under the knife yet again. According to Ivan Carter of the Washington Post Insider:

Gilbert Arenas confirmed that he underwent a surgical procedure this morning that “cleaned out some debris” in his left knee. Arenas, who has undergone two surgeries to repair the left knee in the last two seasons, has been limited during the rehab process all summer and said he has planned all along on not participating in training camp or the preseason.

Agent Zero said he’ll miss at least the first month of the season, putting him on the sidelines until sometime in December.

Looks like blogging might be the safest profession for Gilbert after all.