Gilbert: Straight Tiger

by July 26, 2007

By Jake Appleman

Reader Fake Ass Tim Duncan alerted me to this post (via True Hoop) from Gilbert’s blog. The best part? Gilbert infers that he cheats on his diet with cheetos:

“I’m still on my diet too. It’s going well, I’m ripped baby! Of course I’m still tempted by Cheetos. I just said I’m still on a diet, but I didn’t say I don’t cheat away from the diet. Of course I do. I’m an American! We eat bad! Kobe Bryant lost 20 pounds, so that’s good. I’ll body him. I gained seven pounds, but this is a good seven. I’m at four percent body fat now. I was at 11 percent body fat when I got hurt. So I’m down to four percent and it’s all muscle, cut up, you know, looking diesel.”

Gilbert also wants to shoot 99.3% from the floor during his workouts and make 100,000 shots for the summer.

Amazing Cheetos Bonus Footage.