Gilbert’s blog demise greatly exaggerated

By Sam Rubenstein

Yesterday I wrote a post featuring a humorous photo of Chris Bosh about how he was the new star blogger for, taking Gilbert’s spot. Well… despite not being able to use his legs, Gil is not throwing in the towel. He even mentioned Chris joining him as a blogger with the advice “He should just be himself. He’ll be fine. Just enjoy it. No matter what you say, somebody isn’t going to like it.” Who doesn’t like Gilbert’s blog? What kind of sick creature are you?

The point is that Gilbert lives! So what if he’s just hanging out with his money, family and friends, and toys. You can read about what movies he’s watching, how bored he is, and this amazing quote “Unfortunately, I’ve been catching glimpses of my team.” Ah, Gilbert… you truly are just like the rest of us. Keep writing!

Something to be concerned about is that he claims to be getting ready to watch every Batman movie. I hope he skips over the one with Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. He’s suffered enough. This is a perfect summary of that movie.

But anyways, Chris Bosh is not taking his spot. Gilbert and Chris are happily co-existing. During these divisive times, that’s great to see.