Glen Taylor’s Tank Talk Irked the NBA

by March 21, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Earlier this week, when Glen Taylor accused Kevin Garnett of tanking games at the tail end of his tenure in Minnesota, the remarks were rightfully met with unbridled ridicule and contempt.

Whether or not KG could have played in the handful of meaningless games last season was irrelevant; Garnett had done too much good for that franchise for their wholly incompetent owner to make such a statement.

It also turns out that the League couldn’t believe that Taylor had the gall to say what he did.

An NBA official said last night the league called Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and chastised him for recent comments about Kevin Garnett. Taylor, however, was not fined.

In the insular world of high-powered NBA execs, this is certainly a rarity. And the unpopular Taylor isn’t just hearing it from his business partners around the Association; he’s having to answer to T-Wolves fans, too.