Good Housekeeping

by Lang Whitaker

So, as you can see, things are still on the up-and-up over here. Sam and I are furiously working away, trying to get all this stuff figured out and clicking like we want it to. Hopefully SLAMonline 2.0 is going to be easier to navigate and understand.

A few other things worth talking about…
• Team USA meets the Germans tonight (rather, at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow). I’ll have notes up from the game as soon as I can get them online.
• Our man JD is putting together a big-time event in the New York area with pros from Ben Gordon to Andre Iguodala scheduled to appear, with some of the proceeds going to 9/11 victim’s families. You can check that stuff out here.

• The other big stories today are Nellie returning to Golden State and OJ Mayo transferring high schools. Other than that, it’s a sloooooow day ’round here.

That’s it. Check ya later…