Good News for Shaun Livingston

by Marcel Mutoni

The Clippers are having themselves an awful season. If this was five years ago, you’d say, “So what? The Clips have always been terrible.” But with their emergence over the last couple of seasons, their fans expect more these days. Uncle Injury, though, had other ideas.

Elton Brand, the team’s best player, and Shaun Livingtson, the point guard of the future who injured his knee in horrific fashion last season, haven’t played a single game this year. According to team doctors, that could change. Shaun is expected to make a full recovery, and could return before season’s end.

“The medical team feels he’s going to make a full recovery,” team president Andy Roeser said at halftime of Wednesday night’s game against the Orlando Magic. “There’s a pretty good chance he’ll be on the court before the end of the season.”

With Sam Cassell frustrated and no longer able to locate the fountain of youth, this is encouraging news for Clipper Nation. The team may not do a whole lot this season, but with a full and healthy roster next year, they certainly have a shot at making the Playoffs again.