Gordon Foresees Trades Should Bulls Draft Rose

by Marcel Mutoni

For the time being, it remains to be seen who the Chicago Bulls will select with the first pick in this summer’s NBA Draft, but should they go with stud point guard Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon sees ch-ch-changes coming in the Windy City.

Particularly, at the guard spot.

“It’s a tough one,” Gordon said, “If we get Rose, we’ll have to [trade] one of the guards on our team. Rose is going to be really good. He can really get to the basket.”

“If you ask me or anybody else, that’s too many guards,” Gordon said, “because players need room to get into a rhythm and need to develop.”

Smart (clear-thinking) guy, that Ben Gordon, despite the fact that he goes on to say that he wouldn’t mind playing for his hometown Knicks should the Bulls shop him.

It is going to be one busy summer for John Paxson and his staff.