‘It Was a Great Memory’: Tony Parker Makes Triumphant Return to San Antonio

by January 15, 2019

Tony Parker made an emotional, triumphant return Monday night to San Antonio.

Parker, 36, finished with eight points in 19 minutes against the Spurs, as the Charlotte Hornets left town with a 108-93 win.

Parker said the experience was physically and emotionally draining.

Per the Express-News:

All-Star guard Kemba Walker pumped in 33 points and made seven 3-pointers to key a 108-93 Charlotte victory and help make Parker’s homecoming game a success.

“I am drained, physically and emotionally,” Parker said when the night was over. “It was a great memory for me that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Monday night beget a lovefest between Parker and the city that watched him grow from an unseasoned teenager into a champion.

“I expected nothing less,” said [Gregg] Popovich, until this season the only NBA coach Parker had known. “Tony is a wonderful human being and a great player. He deserves all the love.”

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