Greg Oden Is Done; Blazer fans on Suicide Watch

by September 13, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

Tough break for the Blazers and their rookie big man: According to Yahoo! Sports, Oden is to miss the entire ’07-’08 season following exploratory knee surgery.

Here’s what Oden’s doctor had to say about the matter:

“Greg had an arthroscopy and a micro fracture surgery today,” said team physician Dr. Don Roberts, who preformed the surgery. “He was found to have articular cartilage damage in his right knee. The area of injury was not large and we were able to treat it with micro fracture, which stimulates the growth of cartilage.

There are things about this that are positive for Greg. First of all he is young. The area where the damage was is small and the rest of his knee looked normal. All those are good signs for a complete recovery from micro fracture surgery.”

It usually takes between six to twelve months to recover from micro fracture surgery.

“We believe our fans and sponsors are going to continue to support us because they know we’re headed in the right direction”, said Trail Blazers President Larry Miller.

In other words, this is the new Blazer slogan: ‘We’re Gonna Be SO Awesome in 2009!’