Shots ring out in Vegas

by July 09, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

New York New York, the Vegas hotel members of the Hornets organization are staying in during Summer League was shot up early Friday morning. Three people were wounded. Thankfully, no one was killed. Can we blame Jason Whitlock for this? I don’t see why not.

-Pat Riley wants a point guard to run with D-Wade. He’s willing to shell out six million to get one. Last I heard, Brevin Knight isn’t too busy these days.

(If he really likes you — hello, Mo Williams! — he might even take you out on a romantic date. Classy guy, that Riles.)

-According to his agent Bill Neff, Jason Hart wants to fill Derek Fisher’s shoes in Utah.

“It’s a great situation for Jason,” Neff said. “The Jazz are defense-oriented, team-oriented, and those are Jason’s strengths.”

Nothing against Jason, a perfectly serviceable player, but if he were to come in and replace a rock like D-Fish, this would have to be considered a major step down for the Jazz. Matter of fact, Jerry Sloan just slammed his fist through a wall simply thinking about it.

-There’s been a flurry of player signings lately. Let’s run through them very quickly: Stack is staying in Dallas; Nocioni is staying in Chi-town; and after some unnecessary hand-wringing, Chauncey will remain a Piston.

(Something to keep an eye on: Mark Cuban has admitted that he wants KG in Dallas. I know it’ll never happen, but just imagine a front court of Garnett and Dirk. Yikes.)

-And finally, because I know you care so much, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria got married over the weekend. Congrats to those two crazy kids.