He’s Mr. 100,000…

by October 24, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

You have been patiently waiting for the winner to be announced, and now finally the day has come. In the comment section of the Mutoni post “Eddie Jones is Old, Out of Shape“, the 100,000th comment in the history of slamonline made it’s grand appearance. Commit these words to memory, for they are historic.

i listen to BB King and Jazz is my secret love. Miles Davis inspires me (except i dont hate white people)

Those words were typed by BETCATS at 5:03 P.M. The context is… I’m not sure what exactly, but BETCATS you are the winner! You have quintupled Wilt Chamberlain’s record.

Your grand prize for this contest just so happens to be one of those rare cases where everything in life works out for a reason. Allow me to explain.

BETCATS is a fan of the Charlotte Bobcats, and the name refers to how they are owned by Robert L. Johnson, the founder of BET. Since the Cats are a newish franchise, with probably the smallest fanbase in the NBA, you would think that a man who had a Lang-created reference to the team name as his commenter name would be the chosen one to write their team preview. But he was not. I gave it to SLAM’s E-I-C Ben Osborne, and trust me he’s been living in fear, looking over his shoulder for BETCATS ever since.

Today, call it destiny, but I believe justice has been served. There are a handful of NBA teams that carry the highest demand for aspiring team preview writers. The Lakers, the Knicks, even some teams not in the biggest markets. I feel that the most fun previews to write and read (and comment on!) are the unpredictable ones. In the West, it’s pretty much set in stone that the playoff picture will consist of some ordering of Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, and perhaps Utah at the very least. But then what? In my opinion, there is one team out there that is the most exciting wild card of all. Even moreso than the Lakers, who you never know about for many reasons. The craziest team in the league, the one preview that remains unassigned, which was to be given as the prize to Mr. 100,000. It just so happens that team made a draft night trade with BETCATS’ beloved Bobcats.

Say hello to the NBA preview writer for the Golden State Warriors! BETCATS, email me whenever you have it done. You’ve read enough of the other ones to know what to do. You were upset that you weren’t able to write our preview about your developing underdog team, so now you get to write the preview for the year after of one of the greatest underdog stories ever told. Congrats!

One more announcement while I’m writing this. After extended, heated negotiations that make the forthcoming A-Rod war seem like a guy buying a cup of coffee at the deli by comparison, OMAR is finally up and running with his new blog. That link is to his first post, and there is another link to his photo and profile. I’m proud to say that both urls have curse words in them. Omar being Omar.