Houston Guard Eric Gordon Open To Trade From Rockets

The Houston Rockets appear to be going in a direction that favors developing all of the young talent they have on the roster. This became more clear earlier this week when it was reported that John Wall and the team are working on a trade to send him to a new destination. 

According to Kelly Iko of The Athletic, Eric Gordon is open to a trade as well. While he hasn’t requested a trade, he is open to moving to a more favorable situation if it were to present itself. 

Gordon played in 37 games last season, averaging 17.8 points per contest on 32.9 percent shooting from deep. A lethal scorer off the bench or as a stater, he has the ability to really increase the ceiling of a playoff contender.

This all makes sense, as Gordon doesn’t really fit the timeline of the Rockets. They’re giving the keys to Jalen Green, who will only end up competing with Gordon for minutes as a rookie and going forward.