Houston Rockets After Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson?

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

By now, everyone assumes that Chris Bosh’s days in Toronto are over. The free agent forward is believed to be choosing between Miami, New York and Chicago as potential new homes going into next season.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Rockets are a dark horse candidate to land the 6-10 Bosh, who is a Texas native.

Houston will also reportedly try and acquire Joe Johnson:

Despite some foreboding signs, the Rockets do not consider themselves out of the free agency fight before they’ve thrown their first punch. Amid indications Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh will seek to join another top free agent on a team with cap space, a person with knowledge of the Rockets’ thinking said Houston is confident it will be in the running and is considering seeking another enticement.

The individual familiar with the Rockets’ thinking said Houston could attempt to give Bosh a chance to sign with an All-Star guard by making a run at Atlanta Hawks free agent Joe Johnson.

If the Rockets seek to land Johnson, a starter in the 2010 All-Star Game and a teammate of Bosh’s on the United States’ 2006 World Championships team, it would require a second sign-and-trade deal in addition to a deal for Bosh. That would likely have to involve guard Kevin Martin, and the Rockets are unsure if they would want to give up Martin to get Johnson.

Daryl Morey and the Rockets’ front-office certainly have their work cut out for them if they plan to pursue both Johnson and Bosh, and trading away Kevin Martin seems like a long shot.

Houston may not be able to offer Bosh the big stage he craves (as New York, Miami, or Chicago can), but it could conceivably give him a chance to be “a centerpiece” of sorts alongside Yao Ming.