‘I Don’t Have to Be Perfect’: Kyrie Irving Dismisses ‘Mood Swings’ Report

Kyrie Irving largely dismissed a published report of concerns in Brooklyn’s organization about his so-called “mood swings.”

“It’s OK to be human,” Irving told reporters Wednesday night.

The Nets’ 27-year-old All-Star point guard says he no longer concerns himself with things he can’t control.

Per The NY Post:

“Human beings have mood swings. You go home and you’re not happy with things or mad about something, that’s a mood swing. It’s OK to be human,” Irving said Wednesday night. “I don’t have to be perfect for anyone here, nor do I have to be perfect for the public so I’m not here to dispel any perception. I’m just here to be myself.”

He’s lived under the scrutiny that comes with stardom, and has grown accustomed to it. He didn’t always let things like this roll off his back, but he’s learned to over the years.

“That’s the world we live in. … That’s what goes back to the importance of self-love. Who cares what ESPN says or anybody said, I love myself, I love my family, I love my friends, I love playing basketball,” Irving said. “Why would you ever care about that? I think I fell victim to that in my past, worrying about things that I can’t control.

“History has shown you can be the best teammate ever, somebody is still going to say something negative about what you’re doing or your life. That can’t be the importance: If you allow that to infiltrate your life … you’re going to be right where they want you to be emotionally. … I expect people to say things like that and I’m going to keep on smiling and doing me.”

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