‘I Don’t Talk to the Police’: JR Smith Won’t Discuss Supreme Tattoo With NBA

by October 03, 2018

JR Smith sees no reason to discuss a possible fine with the NBA if his Supreme tattoo is visible on the court.

“I don’t talk to the police,” says Smith.

Per Cleveland.com:

“No. For what?” he asked when approached by cleveland.com in the locker room at TD Garden in Boston Tuesday night. “I don’t talk to the police. That doesn’t do anything for me.”

A league spokesman told cleveland.com that “NBA rules prohibit players from displaying any commercial logos or corporate insignia on their body or in their hair.”

“They just said it’s branding,” Smith told cleveland.com. “But I’m not the only person with brands on me so it’s more than that. I know that. They know that. Everyone knows that.”

Smith didn’t mention specific names. He said even though some players have talked about this issue amongst themselves, he doesn’t want to “tell on anyone.”

His indignation notwithstanding, Smith plans to cover up the suddenly-controversial tat.


“I’m not giving them money that could go to my kids,” Smith told ESPN. “I was looking into (my rights), but the players’ association just texted me, and you know what? I’m not going to put money in their pockets. Not a chance.”

Smith insisted he did not have an endorsement agreement with Supreme and decided to get the tattoo on his own. He has complained about the NBA’s stance in recent days on Instagram.

“It was just something that I wanted to do,” he said. “There’s a lot of other things going on in this world (the league) could be worried about besides a tattoo, but it’s their league. They can do what they want.”

NBA to Fine JR Smith for ‘Supreme’ Tattoo Unless It’s Covered